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Do It, Nancy [Byron York]

When it comes to the bailout plans, from a Democratic perspective: If it is House Republicans who are the problem, who cares what they think? Isn't it a distinguishing characteristic of the House that the majority can pretty much do what it wants? It's the Senate where the minority can make lots of trouble and slow down the process. In the House, we have seen Nancy Pelosi and her top lieutenants steamroll over Republican objections time and again in all sorts of legislative matters. Before Pelosi, we saw a Republican majority do similar things. So if Pelosi wants the bailout to happen, and House Democrats are united behind her, why don't we have a bill? | corner |

Meaning what, exactly? Do you, Byron York, think that the revised Bush plan is a good one and that you want it passed, despite public sentiment and the resistance of your own party? Or do you, Byron York, think it's a bad idea, and politically unworkable, and just want to watch the Dems melt down?

Personally, I haven't been convinced that the bailout is necessary, despite my vanishing 401k. I kind of hope they can't agree on how to spend 700 billion dollars.

What about you, Bellman readers?

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