Final debate predictions, a rant

I haven't got much, just this. The conventional wisdom seems to be that John McCain has to do something dramatic tonight in order to have any chance at all. Nobody, though, seems to have any idea of what dramatic thing he might do. About the only suggestion you hear is that he's got to attack so harshly that he throws Obama off balance.

Count me as skeptical that McCain could pull that off. If the last few weeks of agitating for assassination haven't gotten Obama to lose his cool, nothing is going to.

The real questions about this debate have to do less with the coming election than with McCain's legacy. McCain, barring some bizarre and unexpected circumstance, is going to lose the election. The question is, will he continue to align himself with the fascist wing of the GOP?

And, yeah, I said fascist. There is just no other adequate word to describe Palin and her supporters. They have no respect for the rule of law, demonize opponents in ways that seem calculated to lead to political violence, and see it as entirely proper that the apparatus of the state might be used to serve the whims of a charismatic leader.

It really is time for John McCain and the rest of the Republicans to take a hard look at the party and the conservative movement. This isn't about winning elections anymore. It's about stepping away from the brink and turning back toward democracy.

Adding: As per usual, I'm expecting a rocking thread at the OG for those of you who like to spice up the debate watching with a dash of the internet.

Jesus fucking Christ there are some stupid people out there:
“He doesn’t come from the African-American perspective — he’s not of that tradition,” said Kimi Oaks, a prominent community volunteer in the Mobile area, with apparent approval. Ms. Oaks, along with about 15 others, had gathered after Sunday services at Mobile’s leading Methodist church to discuss the presidential campaign. “He’s not a product of any ghetto,” Ms. Oaks added.

At the same time, however, she vigorously rejected the idea that race would be important in the election, a question met with general head-shaking from those assembled; Ms. Oaks said she was “terribly offended,” as a Southerner, at even being asked about this. |NY Times|

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