Not such a pleasant peninsula after all

McCain gives up on Michigan. I'm not sure what to think. The latest polls show McCain tied in Michigan. Either it's a stunt, or McCain is running out of money. Personally, I'd bet on stunt. McCain never had a ground game, so this really amounts to not running ads. But most of the ads I see are from the RNC or from 527s, so it's not even clear that McCain pulling out changes things much.

Incidentally, I'll bet green dollars that the McCain campaign spends the next month swimming in the gutter.

In other news, Palin today answered four questions from the traveling press. That brings the total number of answers given to the traveling press up to four. Continuing TheBellman's commitment to providing primary sources, here's the transcript. She said she doesn't support the bailout in its current form. Maybe that's news.

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