Can the Daksa be laminated?
No. Any markings applied on the Daksa will disrupt the coherence of the energy field emitted. This holds true for the Bindu also.

Can the Daksa go through a washer/dryer and maintain energy?
Yes. Also, the Bindu applied to a cup or glass will maintain its energy through the dishwasher. However, after a period of time the Daksa and Bindus will need to be replaced as the surface gets worn or damaged.

Will the Daksa effect magnetic strips on credit cards if placed next to them?
Yes. You should avoid putting any of the IMZ products near magnetic cards (i.e. credit cards, hotel room keys…etc.) and other such items as the IMZ products can interfere with the magnetic encoding.

Can the Bindu stickers be placed on top of another to get more energy?
No. Place them side-by-side. If you want more energy, we recommend using a Daksa.

Can a Bindu be used on something you put in a microwave?


The essence of how the In My Zone Quantum Balance Formula (IMZ QBF) works is that quantum effects cause the transfer of energy from one thing to another through resonance, i.e.: vibration. We've all seen one or more of the commercials where an opera singer hitting a high note causes a glass to shatter. The glass shatters because it resonates with the vibration in the singers note and is not strong enough to hold the energy it absorbs from it.

Just as with quantum effects, the opera singer is not made weaker because the glass absorbed the energy, nor is she hurt when the glass breaks. The singer remains the same and is completely unaffected by what has occurred. She can reproduce the effect over and over again whenever she wants. |Source|

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