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Item: The Alaska Legislative Council has agreed to share the confidential part of the Branchflower Report with Tim Petumenos, the investigator heading up the Personnel Board's investigation.

Item: Palin's Administration is now claiming that it will cost $15 million to comply with a media information request for copies of emails sent from private accounts. For the sake of consistency, the state government seems to be upping the fees it charges for unrelated info requests. The upshot is that Alaska's strong open records laws are now being enforced in a way that prices the public out of the market for public records.

Item: In other Palin email related news, a judge has ruled that Palin may continue to use private accounts for the time being, but has ordered the state to take measures to insure that any emails concerning public business will be preserved.

Item: I'm not quite sure what to make of this kerfluffle. Branchflower found that Colberg did not materially comply with his subpoena, Colberg claims that he did. My guess is that if Colberg provided the requested documents, he did so too late for their contents to be incorporated into Branchflower's report, and that this is the basis of Branchflower's finding. Again, though, I don't know.

Item: Owing to certain welcome distractions, I still haven't read the report all the way through. Maybe this weekend.

Item: As long as we're all meta-bellman here, I'm still using the troopergate tag, but it seems to me that the ongoing scandal regarding Palin's secret email accounts may need it's own gate.

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