Official VP debate prediction thread

Item: There will be a rocking debate watching thread over at the OG.

Item: Palin's strategy will be to attack viciously, and it will work reasonably well. Her ignorance of basic facts about the culture, politics, and history of the lower 48 is no barrier as long as she's part of a campaign and a political party that has no respect for truth.

Item: Biden will call her on it when she lies, and will therefore be declared the loser of the debate.

Item: Rest assured, this is the last time Palin will appear in public without a script:
"We're going to be continue to put her in settings where she has an opportunity to shine, to be on offense," the adviser said. "We've gotten very good feedback from the public from Hugh Hewitt interview."

The adviser suggested that the campaign's efforts at damage control after Palin's interview with Couric may have been hampered by the fact that the governor wasn't doing more friendly interviews to counter her flubs on Russia and the congressional bailout bill, which have reverberated throughout the blogosphere and even turned Palin into a punch line on "Saturday Night Live." |CNN|

Stunt: After Biden calls Palin a liar, McCain will jump up onto the stage and deck him.

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