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The beginning of fall semester can be a hard time for cannabis-inclined students. Your dealer graduated last spring. It’s too awkward to call your friend with the hook up after not talking all summer. You moved out of the dorms and left the guy with the conspicuously smelling room behind.

But there are also regular market forces that regulate Ann Arbor’s weed supply in terms of how much it costs, how good it is and how soon you can get it.

September is a low point for finding weed, according to several buyers and sellers of weed on campus. But these experts also assure that any shortage should be relieved by the end of October.

Weed market watchers said growers in Northern Michigan and the rural Midwest will harvest their crop right before the first frost to give buds time to get as big as possible.

“The college market is really super sensitive,” said A, an LSA junior and daily smoker. “I think part of it is the harvest — before the harvest comes in it gets pretty dry.” |Michigan Daily|

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