Todd Palin lied in his sworn statement, cont.

Last week, I documented the contrast between Todd Palin's sworn statement and the statements given by, among others, John Glass. The hanging question, it seemed to me, had to do with why Branchflower hadn't mentioned the lies.

And here's your answer. Branchflower didn't note the lies because he wrote the report before receiving Todd Palin's statement.
While it is true that in the absence of an interview with either Governor Palin or Todd Palin, the specific answers to questions such as these are left unanswered, it is likewise true that their apparent motives can be inferred from the circumstances, their actions, and their comments. |Branchflower Report, p. 67|

Moreover, Branchflower is may not have viewed himself as having authority to accuse Todd Palin of misconduct.
Todd Palin

The terms of my contract with the Legislative Council establish the framework within which I have been required to conduct my investigation and make my findings. Specifically, the "Statement of Work" provision required me to "...investigate the circumstances and events surrounding the termination of former Public Safety Commissioner Walt Monegan and potential abuses of power and/or improper actions by members of the executive branch." Todd Palin is not an employee of the executive branch, so his conduct is not a violation of AS 39.52.010 -- 39.52.965. Given the terms of the contract, I make no finding as to Mr. Palin's conduct. |Branchflower Report, p. 67-68|

Fair enough. But while we wait for the next investigation, here's a little something to chew on:
MR. BRANCHFLOWER: Do you have an opinion about his level of involvement in the day-to-day affairs of the working of the governor's office?

MR. WHEELER: I -- I think that he -- that he had a significant influence, in that he was always interacting with the -- the employees there. That any time I needed to get information to the governor, I would always go through Todd, because he was the only one I could -- could talk with, either via the cell phone or in person.

He -- I know that he got e-mails and stuff that he was in the loop on -- on activities. Because if -- if the governor was required to leave and go to Juneau or something, that Todd was always the one that would call me and let me know where they were and they they'd be five or ten minutes out.

So he -- yes, he was -- he know a lot of the stuff that was going on.
I would say that the first ladies from the two previous administrations, while they were involved in state business, it was primarily in functions and non -- or -- I can't think of the word right now. Private -- things like breast cancer awareness and, you know, representing the state in these -- in these nonprofit organizations. They all had an organization that they took to heart.

And I never saw that from Mr. Palin. You know, I basically saw where he was involved more with the day-to-day things than -- than going out and attending these specific things, or specific organizations. |Branchflower Report, p. 45-46|

So, basically, you've got Todd Palin acting as a shadow chief of staff with all of the power but none of the oversight (and then also he's a vindictive nutjob with boundary issues). Probably nothing for the grown-ups to be worried about.

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