This post is not about the fact that the stock market has lost 35% of its value so far this year

As expected, the Alaska Supreme Court has affirmed (pdf!) the Superior Court's ruling. The Troopergate investigation will go forward.

Which is good to know, because it's done. The Alaska Legislative Council will receive Branchflower's report tomorrow.


Adding: Busy troopergate day tomorrow:
A lawsuit trying to force the state to hang on to e-mails that Gov. Sarah Palin sent from her private e-mail accounts hits the courtroom tomorrow. |ADN: Alaska Politics|

Obviously: You should be watching Maddow tonight. The troopergate segment begins about 35 minutes in (here on the East coast, and presumably in the central time zone as well, that means you can catch the re-broadcast about 5 minutes into Colbert).

Developing: It looks like Palin has cleared herself of all wrongdoing. Who'da thunk?

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