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Item: The troopergate lawsuit will be argued before the Alaska Supreme Court starting in about an hour.

Item: Check out the lead in today's Anchorage Daily News story about Branchflower's investigation:
With his Troopergate report due Friday, legislative investigator Steve Branchflower appears to have the makings of a fairly complete account, despite weeks of resistance from the Palin family and administration.

Branchflower has, or soon will have, answers from nearly all the people he'd hoped to question regarding Gov. Sarah Palin's firing in July of former Public Safety Commissioner Walt Monegan. |ADN|

Question for the lawyers: From where I sit, answering written questions in concert with high powered GOP lawyers doesn't sound all that cooperative. Other central figures, I think including Frank Bailey and Ivy Frye, complied with the subpoenas by routing statements through lawyers. That doesn't look cooperative either. But I don't know the rules. Is this how things are normally done?

Document of the day: Todd Palin's statement (pdf!) in compliance with Branchflower's subpoena. Media reports don't quite capture the strangeness of the document.

...page 3, line 14, looks like perjury to me. Todd Palin states that, "The DPS never informed me or my wife that Wooten had been disciplined." Monegan has said publicly that he informed the governor, and Frank Bailey, in the famous call, clearly knew that there had been an investigation.

...Jesus. This is the defense? From the top of page 4:
All of this upset me, and I had hundreds of conversations and communications about Trooper Wooten over the last several years with my family, with friends, with colleagues, and with just about everyone I could--including government officials. (In fact, I talked about Wooten so much over the years that my wife told me to stop talking about it with her.)

...to read this, you would never think that Todd Palin or his lawyer realize that there is any legal jeopardy here. The statement seems to be an entirely political document.

...pages five through ten of the statement list 17 general objections which are raised to each question. Funny stuff.

...who are these people, and how did they rise to positions of authority? Page 13:
In that same email, Monegan stated that he had heard a rumor from an unnamed source that Sarah was supposedly driving Trig, then around 9 weeks old, in her car without "an approved infant car seat" and that this situation could be "awkward." This odd an offensive email was forwarded to me. I was in Dillingham at the time. She was not happy with Monegan's false accusation or his implied threat that it was "awkward" as if he now needed to issue a citation. Sarah has always been a good mother and to accuse her of something like that was very offensive. Sarah responded that "I've never driven Trig anywhere without a new, approved car seat. I want to know who said otherwise--pls provide me that info now." (Emphasis added). I am not sure Monegan ever responded to the Governor's direct order.

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