The clowns, they have been sent in

JJ sent this on, assuming I'd seen it. Nope. As thanks, here's a link to an activist knitting blog which I'm sure JJ will enjoy.

Let's break it down.

Attack: Monegan engaged in insubordination over budget issues.
Truth: The nub of the charge is that Monegan took an unauthorized trip to Washington D.C. to lobby for funds. In fact, Monegan's travel was authorized by Palin's own chief of staff.

Attack: Hollis French moved the investigation deadline to the middle of the campaign season, promising an October surprise.
Truth: The original end date for the investigation -- which had been set long before Palin was nominated -- had been October 31. After Palin was nominated, French was interviewed by Anderson Cooper, and French questioned the pick, saying that the investigation could give the McCain campaign an October surprise. Subsequently, French advanced the date to October 10 so that Branchflower's report would not be released so close to the election that the McCain/Palin campaign would have no public opportunity for rebuttal.

Attack: Kim Elton refuses calls from his own committee to reconsider the investigation.
Truth: Elton initially said that he believed that reconvening the committee would only politicize the investigation further, but later offered to reconvene if all members could attend. They can't. The underlying truth of the charge is that there is less support for the investigation now than there was at the beginning, when the Legislative Council voted unanimously to establish an independent investigation. The opposition claims that they are motivated by concern to avoid a witch hunt, but it is noteworthy that opposition only emerged once Palin was nominated, which also happens to be when the cover-up effort shifted into high gear.

Attack: Branchflower and French colluded on the issuing of subpoenas.
Truth: French is managing the investigation, and Branchflower must go through him to issue subpoenas. The supposed collusion comes from the fact that Branchflower wanted to issue more subpoenas than French was willing to authorize. (link later)

Attack: Conspiracy theorists say that Monegan was fired because he wouldn't fire Wooten, even after Wooten tasered his ten year old son.
Truth: The sad truth is that the attack demonstrates the credibility of the charge. Wooten was investigated and disciplined for the tasering incident. It would have been illegal for Monegan to discipline him further. And yet, Palin continues to argue that Monegan should have taken further action. In light of that, you don't have to be a nut to believe that Palin conspired with her husband and staff to pressure Monegan to fire Wooten.

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