The L word

McCain's newest ad directly accuses Obama of lying. That crosses some kind of threshold. Yesterday, when the McCain campaign tried to hit Obama on Ayers, the Obama campaign trumped with a Keating Five campaign that had pretty clearly been sitting in the can for awhile. Do they have anything else ready to go?

...adding, the audacity of this line of attack is breathtaking. Take, for example, the issue of taxes. For months, McCain straight up lied about the content of Obama's plan, saying that it would raise taxes on the middle-class. When that became unsustainable, McCain pivoted and started lying about Obama's record of raising taxes. Just this week, McCain has gotten serious about lying about the content of his own plan, claiming that his health insurance tax-credit boondoggle amounts to a tax cut for the middle class. Which brings us to Obama the liar. The evidence? Well, Obama says he's going to cut taxes on the middle-class, but he's a tax and spend liberal. And Obama says that McCain is lying, but everyone knows that John McCain was a prisoner of war.

...Andrew Sullivan has today's McCain and Obama ads side by side. Contra Sullivan, I don't think it's fair to say that Obama called McCain a liar. Which isn't to deny that the Obama threw his share of mud.

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