Palin Couric again

Yesterday's edition. I have to say that with the exception of the newspaper gaffe, Palin was fine. I mean, I thought she was horrible, but she and I are on opposite sides of the political spectrum. She didn't seem stupid (except for the newspaper gaffe), and that's something.

...I forgot to make my point. Here's the thing. If Palin were someone that people thought well of, or even had an open mind about, then the newspaper response would have been ignored. It's one weak answer in an interview where she has some wrong answers and some pretty good answers. That we're all piling on as a result of that interview shows something. Like Dukakis before her, Palin has passed a threshold and it's no longer for her to do anything without being ridiculed for it. This was also what started me off in this post yesterday. It's a bad place to be, and I'd feel sorry for Palin were it not for two facts. First, the the Republican slime machine has been doing this to Democrats deliberately for years. Second, this was all her own doing -- she didn't have to accept nomination for a job she can't do.

...just saw the Supereme Court clip, and it's not nearly as bad as advertised. The question Couric asked wasn't, as has been widely reported, can you name a Supreme Court case. Rather, it was can you name a case you disagree with. I'd still expect a winger to be ready with Kelo, but it isn't nearly the gaffe that it's been made out to be. I mean, I can come back quick (Bakke!), but I'm a fucking geek.

...thought I might add, a lot depends on what you're objecting to. If you think the basic problem is that Palin is prone to bullshit when she doesn't know the answer, well, she looked pretty bad.

...never mind. Now I've watched the CBS branded clip, which pairs Palin's answer with Biden's answer to the same question, and oh. my. God.

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